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Movement Dynamics

Through constant education, support and accountability, we coach our clients to take back control of their lives starting with their bodies and health.

To achieve this, we progressively build habits into their lives that keeps them consistently working towards their goals, one step at a time.


Take a look at the services we offer at Movement Dynamics

Personal Training with us

Free Personal Training Session
Daily check-ins

By doing daily check-ins we create consistency in our clients lives

Nutrition program

We provide nutrition programs for fat loss and muscle building

Training program

Training routines that are designed to get you to your goals safely and effectively

24/7 access to coach

Our coaches are always here to answer any questions you may have

Sustainable programs

By focusing on changing habits we create long-term results for our clients

Tracking App

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What our clients say

Free Personal Training Session

They seem to have cracked the code to training, they're very technical with science-backed methods which helped me achieve noticeable results almost straight away

Devan Vidon
1+ years

The best decision I made was contacting Movement Dynamics. Since I have started with Movement Dynamics, I've lost almost 20 kg and he has been so supportive since the very start

Pavitra Ratenom
2+ years

During the lockdown in Singapore, staying alone caused me anxiety and distress. Thankfully I found to train me during those times has definitely helped me to manage my anxiety

Selena See
1+ years

FREE Personal Training Session

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Free Personal Training Session

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