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Through constant education, support and accountability, we coach our clients to take back control of their lives starting with their bodies and health.

To achieve this, we progressively build habits into their lives that keeps them consistently working towards their goals, one step at a time.


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Daily check-ins

By doing daily check-ins we create consistency in our clients lives

Nutrition program

We provide nutrition programs for fat loss and muscle building

Training program

Training routines that are designed to get you to your goals safely and effectively

24/7 access to coach

Our coaches are always here to answer any questions you may have

Sustainable programs

By focusing on changing habits we create long-term results for our clients

Tracking system

A tried & tested tracking system that allows clients to track their progress

What our clients say

Free Personal Training Session

My journey with Movement Dynamics has been so empowering. I was going through a rough patch when I first started my journey with Movement Dynamics a couple of months back, but my confidence grew as I healed and worked on my goal of gaining a few kgs as I struggle with being underweight.

My trainer is very supportive and has helped me a lot physically and mentally. Not only did I manage to gain 4 to 5KGs of muscle weight, I also found a support system in the wonderful friendships I made along the way.

Francisca Luhong
Miss Universe Malaysia 2020

Movement Dynamics has really altered the way I look at fitness and helped me regain my body confidence. I love how the training isn't just about the workouts but truly understanding your body and why you do the things that you do.

It's also done in a very clear and encouraging way that makes you hold yourself accountable through personal goal setting and consistency. Fitness has now become a part of my lifestyle and I can confidently say that I love staying active!

Megan Tan
TV Host & Emcee

Signing up with a PT was the best investment I ever made for myself. I have been training at Movement Dynamics for a year and my trainer is Kevin. With his knowledge and experience, he helped me develop a personalised training and diet plan and taught me the core concepts of fitness and nutrition.

Weena Marcus
Miss Tourism Tourism 2009 & 2010 | Creator

As a sports enthusiast, I can really appreciate the trainers at Movement Dynamics for keeping my workouts dynamic and engaging.

They spend time understanding my sports background to incorporate exercises that will enhance my performance in sports and give personalized nutrition suggestions to suit my lifestyle preferences and habits.

All in all, I’ve learnt so much during my PT course that has undoubtedly elevated my physical and mental shape!

Natalia Ng
Actress & Singer

Besides the breathtaking view and ambience, I find that the trainers here are all very motivated and focused on their clients’ progress, instead of billable hours.

They seem to have cracked the code to training, they're very technical with science-backed methods which helped me achieve noticeable results almost straight away. I’m stronger then I’ve ever been and motivated to keep training and working hard at achieving my goals.

Half the battle is just showing up, they do the rest. Movement Dynamics is the place to be if you’re sick of putting in the hours but not seeing changes.

Devan Vidon

A year ago, I was overweight and very unfit. I lacked confidence and felt terrible about myself. I knew I needed to make a change. I decided I wanted to find a personal trainer who would not only motivate me but to push me to put myself first.

The best decision I made was contacting Kevin. Since I have started with Kevin,  I've lost almost 20 kg and he has been so supportive since the very start.

As of now, I'm focusing on more specific goals such as reducing my fat percentage to 25% and continuing my weight loss. With Kevin's help I know I have the best chance to achieve my goals.

Pavitra Ratenom

During the lockdown in Singapore, staying alone caused me anxiety and distress. Thankfully I found Kevin who trained me during those though times, which definitely helped me manage my anxiety through a constant routine of physical exercise.

I personally believe in the benefits of exercise for overall well-being. The endorphins released during a workout are known to trigger positive feelings, and I experienced this myself when I started exercising during the lockdown.  

My training sessions with Kevin are something I always look forward to, even now after the lockdown, I continue to enjoy every class.

Selena See

I've been training with Movement Dynamics (my trainer is Kevin and he's amazing!) for close to 1 year now and I can definitely feel and see the difference. I've gotten stronger not just physically, but also mentally.

I've become more resilient and I truly appreciate my trainer Kevin for continuously encouraging me to push toward being the best version of myself.  I have also gained more knowledge on how to manage my diet (it's all about balance) and how to build a healthy yet sustainable lifestyle in the long run.

If you're looking for a CHANGE but don't know where to start or where to go, Movement Dynamics is the place for you.

P.S. All the PTs here are great, especially my trainer Kevin! If you can get a session with him, definitely go for it!

Valerie Goh

I really enjoyed my experience here. My PT was kind and very encouraging. He kept me motivated throughout my fitness journey which helped me progress toward my goals. We did body composition checks regularly to keep track of my progress and how my body was adapting to my training program.

I highly recommend Movement Dynamics to anyone looking for professional personal training, especially for those who are in the Bangsar or PJ vicinity as Movement Dynamics is just a 2-minute walk from Semantan LRT station!

Jing Yi Ng

Always a pleasure going in for sessions with Kevin and Trent. They always put in their bests efforts to help you achieve your goals. They will guide, motivate, and tegur you (gently) when needed so you can get to your ideal condition / body.

They’ve made my fat loss & strength training journey a lot more enjoyable than I expected. Thanks team 🙌

Corliss Lee

Team is teally experienced and on point. Equipment is great and the trainers are always working to improve you. Highly recommend!

Daniel Martinez

A dedicated team (Kevin, Po, Yvonne, Trent, Fareed, et. al) who knows how to push, motivate, and educate. They spend the time to get to understand your lifestyle, limits, and needs to ensure goals are reached. This is the place to melt your fat.

Chune Hoong

I came to Movement Dynamics to work on my strength after about 12 months of rehabilitative physiotherapy following a slipped disc injury. From the get go, the team here had been very cognisant of my injury while coming up with my workout programme, which was very important to me when I was surveying gyms and personal trainers. I’ve worked with Kevin, Trent and Po and all have been very supportive and patient yet encouraging during my time here.

You’ll get holistic guidance here that is not limited to just the training as they also guide you on nutrition and discuss your overall habits and the impact it has on your goals.

The biggest win for me so far is that the sessions here has made me gain confidence in working out again after some trauma following my injury. There is also a lot of improvement in my overall strength. I would highly recommend the team here to anyone looking for personal training, especially those with a history of injury.

Najyah Johar Salim

I worked with Kevin and Stephen when I first joined Movement Dynamics in 2022. I quickly discovered that I was unlikely to train 2x a week because I travel so frequently hence the team always encourage me to hit at least 7k steps a day and up my protein intake.

Late 2022, I started training with Po. I have been very impressed by Po’s adaptability and knowledge. I don't have a cookie cutter routine but a personal one. My regime is always fun yet challenging. Po is a good listener , always encouraging, friendly and ready to make useful suggestions and modifications.

I would recommend this type of program to anyone looking for a personalized and flexible fitness regime.

Catherine Lee

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