Just Get Started

May 10, 2021

If you’ve been looking for a sign to get started, this is it! Start now, start somewhere and don’t overcomplicate it. There is no ‘perfect time’ to start, the best time is always now.

If you’re stuck on how to get started on a training/nutrition program, this article is for you. The objective of this article is to help you understand that transforming your body and health is more about making small steps that progressively shift your habits towards a more active lifestyle, rather than a complete overhaul of your entire life in a single day.

Understand the What, Why and How 

When starting with a new personal training client we put them through the following exercise to help them get started. 

  1. What are you trying to achieve and why is it important to you? (be very specific)
  2. What is stopping you from achieving your goal? (write down your obstacles)
  3. What do you think are the 3 things that you can do immediately that will move you one step closer to your goal?

It's okay to fail

Most people put off working on what they want because they're worried about failing or not getting it right.

Shift your mindset to understand that your mistakes/failures are part of the process, and just another step bringing you closer to achieving your goal. Learn from your mistakes, and do what you can to avoid repeating them in the future! 

For example if you're in a fat loss program and after a month of training you notice that you’re not getting the results you want, don't just quit! 

Instead ask yourself:

  1. Why am I not seeing the results I want? 
  2. What have I learnt from this mistake? 
  3. How do I avoid repeating the same mistake?

The best time is now! 

There is no perfect time to get started on something, stop waiting for the end of CNY, Raya, Deepavali or the New Year to take the first step. Stop putting it off for later, and take the decision to start now, even if it's the smallest possible improvement.

For example:

  1. Reading a book on how to train
  2. Drinking less sugary beverages
  3. Eating more vegetables/fruits
  4. Counting your calories 

The Winning Formula

If you're consistently putting in the work, learning from your mistakes and constantly making small improvements to your routine, it's really not a matter of 'IF' you will reach your goals, it's a matter of 'WHEN'.


  1. Write down a goal you want to achieve, and why you want to achieve it.

Eg. I want to bring down my body fat to 23% and build some strength. This goal is important to me because I feel so tired all the time and I want to stop  worrying about my health. 

  1. List down all the things that you believe are stopping you from achieving this goal. 

Eg: I procrastinate a lot

I'm struggling to fit in time for training due to my busy work schedule

I don't know how to lose weight and need help from a professional 

  1. Write down 3 things that you are able to do or change immediately, that will get you closer to your goal

Eg: Minimizing sugary food/beverages 

Eating more vegetables and fruits

Start tracking/logging food and weighing data

Registering for a gym membership


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