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After finishing college, Kevin was given the choice of pursuing higher education in a business diploma or starting a career in fitness, he picked fitness and has never looked back since. After working as a personal trainer for 6 years and seeing the impact he could create on people, he became convinced that his ultimate calling was to reach out to as many people as possible and create a positive impact in their lives too, and so Movement Dynamics was created.

Why I got started

I first started hitting the gym because I always felt uncomfortable with how I looked in the mirror and hated how baggy my clothes were. 2 years down the road, I achieved the goals I set out for myself at the beginning, but I stayed on because I loved the challenge of pushing my body to new limits and the discipline exercising created in me.

Class description

Kevin's classes will bring you back to the basics and challenge you there. His classes place a heavy emphasis on lifting technique and on programs designed to progressively get you stronger + build some lean muscle!

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