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After working in a corporate job for a year, I decided to take the opportunity to follow my passion and dive into the fitness industry part-time. I realised how passionate I was about fitness and helping people around me get fit and healthy.

Why I got started

I was the chubby girl back in high school and I felt uncomfortable with the way I looked. I decided I was going to change, and so I began doing bodyweight workouts at home almost every day after school. Over time, I noticed that I was making progress from my home workouts, which gave me the motivation to start going to the gym. When I first walked in, I had no idea what to do in the gym, nor where to even begin. Going to the gym was not something I was accustomed to because I was constantly worried about being watched or judged. As time passed, I began familiarising myself with the gym equipment, feeling much stronger and more confident which gave me the drive to continue gyming up to this day.

Class description

Vanessa’s classes are all about designing the right program according to your goals and ensuring you are able to get stronger and toned over time! Rest assured that you will achieve your goals and be consistent throughout your journey with Vanessa by your side!

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